Welcome to K4FX


Hi, my name is Bill English and my call is K4FX. I have been a ham radio operator for 42 years. My main interest in the hobby is varied. I enjoy DXing and Contesting, 2 meters weak signal work. I retired in Feb. 2018. Learning soon than being a full-time ham, something I wanted to be a long time, was not all it was cracked up to be. Needed more hobbies!

Enter Drones. Since I worked in Corrections, and Corrections suffered greatly at the hands of unscrupulous drone operators who would attempt, many times successfully, to introduce contraband into the prison facilities. With my job with the prison, it would have certainly not looked too good for me to be seen out practicing my drone flying on my off days. But as of February 1, 2019 I retired and what I now do in my spare time, is my business. Can I get a Amen?
I recently started flying radio controlled airplanes. My YouTube channel is K4FX RC Flying. Check it out
I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.